Game Of Thrones S03 E03 – Walk of Punishment


There’s a funeral a Riverrun as Robb Stark bids farewell to his Grandfather. It’s a sombre scene, tinged with an element of comedy as Edmure Tully (Catelyn Stark’s Brother) attempts, unsuccessfully, to light his father’s funeral pyre with a flaming arrow, before his uncle, Bryndon steps in a and completes the job with ease. Edmure [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S03 E02 – Dark Wings Dark Words


This episode opens with Brandon Stark running through woodland hunting the three eyed raven. He’s dreaming obviously, since Bran lost the use of his legs in Season 1. He awakes with a start to find himself back at camp with Hodor, Osha and Rickon. He tries to tell them about his dream and the strange [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S03 E01 Valar Dohaeris

wildling giant

The third season of Game of Thrones encompasses the events of the first part of A Storm of Swords, the third book in George RR Martin’s ASOIF series. Episode 1 Valar Dohaeris (a high Valyrian phrase meaning “All Men Must Serve”) follows on from the final episode of Season 2 Valar Morhulis (again high Valyrian [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S02 E10 Valar Morghulis


S02 E10 VALAR MORGHULIS. The season two finale, Valar Morghulis, picks up after last week’s exciting battle for Kings Landing, which saw the rout of Stannis Baratheon’s army after Tywin Lannister took them from behind (so to speak) following Tyrion’s valiant efforts to defend the city walls. This is very much a wrap up episode [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S02 E09 Blackwater


S02 EP09 – BLACKWATER – This is the episode the fans of the books have all been waiting for – Blackwater. Penned by none other than George RR Martin himself this is the epic battle scene that the whole of the second season has been working towards. The focus is entirely within Kings Landing this [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S02 E07 – A Man Without Honor


The hunt is on for the Stark boys after Theon awakes to find them absconded with the Wilding Osha and Hodor. He finds it very difficult to believe that the guards he had posted let them escape – a cripple, a halfwit and a girl. Frustration and a growing sense disrepect from his own ranks [...] Read more »

Game Of Throne S02 E06 – The Old Gods And The New

Mother of Dragons

S02 E06 – THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW: The episode opens with a shocking turn of events and the extent of Theon’s treachery is revealed. After sending some men to seize control of the Torrhen Square, a province under the protection of Winterfell, Theon knew that the Starks would have had no choice but [...] Read more »