A Storm of Swords for Season 3 & 4

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by HBO it appears that the powers that be have given the green light to return to Northern Ireland to film a Storm of Swords as Seasons 3 and 4 of George RR Martin’s epic fantasy saga. With book 3 being too large to condense into 10 episodes for a single season it seems the producers are committed to spreading the story over two full seasons in order to do it justice.

Sources close to the production crew say they have been told to clear their diaries for the return of Game of Thrones to Northern Ireland this summer.

Extras NI also appears to have knowledge of the shooting of series three and four.

When asked by would-be actors on Facebook if it needed extras it revealed auditions would be taking place in the coming months. Read more

To be honest no real surprise given the critical success and the first week sales of the first season on DVD & Blu-ray. At this rate, by the time the 6th installment ‘The Winds of Winter’ is released, rumoured to be in 2015, the TV series should be onto book four ‘A Feast For Crows’, but whether or not the producers and writers continue to adapt book for book, or whether they start introducing their own plot ideas remains to be seen…