Game of Throne S02 E04 Garden of Bones

Tywin Lannister Harrenhal

The opening sequence introduces us to two new locations with the advent of Garden of Bones. Harrenhal, where Arya finds herself imprisoned by the Lannisters and Qarth, the greatest city that ever was or ever shall be and salvation for Daenerys Stormborn and her ragged band of followers. Written by Vanessa Taylor this episode is [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S02 E03 What is Dead May Never Die – Recap

Theon Gives Himself to the Drowned God

No new locations in this weeks opening credits, despite the fact that Catelyn takes a trip down south to visit self appointed King Renly as Robb Stark’s envoy, and this episode (written by Brian Cogman) picks up directly where the Nightlands finished. Craster bursts into the hall where Commander Mormont and the other members of [...] Read more »

What is Dead May Never Die – Look Ahead


By now it is evident that that this second season of Game of Thrones is not following the book, A Clash of Kings, as closely as the first one did (in terms of the sequence of events), so its not so easy to predict what might be coming next as it was with the first [...] Read more »

S02 E02 – The Night Lands Ratings

Theon & Balon Greyjoy

Last nights airing of The Night Lands on Sky Atlantic attracted 407,000 viewers which is lower than the 522,000 viewers it managed last week, although this could be accounted for by the monumental blunder committed by HBO Go in Holland & Poland when they accidentally made The Night Lands available for around two whole hours [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones Renewed for Third Season


If you are not aware already the news is now official. As we all expected given the runaway success and critical acclaim surround the early season 2 episodes, HBO have officially announced that they will be bankrolling a third season of game of thrones – which will most likely tell the story of the first [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones S02 E02 The Night lands

Samwell Tarly and Gilly

SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 THE NIGHT LANDS. So Episode 1 – The North Remembers, ended with a flurry of shocking child murders that would have made King Herod himself proud, as well as the revelation that the last of King Robert Baratheon’s bastards, Gendry (Joe Dempsie) was headed north to join the Nights Watch. This [...] Read more »