Will Game of Thrones save Sky’s Blushes?

Game of Thrones UK premier of 1.07 million viewers gives sky atlantic its first real success after 2 months. Though a lot has been made of HBO’s healthy viewing figures for Game of Thrones in the states, being a UK based fan site, we are much more interested in how the show has perfomed in [...] Read more »

First 15 Minutes ‘Sneak Preview’ our views

After watching the trailer preview for 15 minutes with notepad to write a good review I look down and see I have written one word only…. bleak. What does this mean? Bleak is that only word that can sum up this first 15 minutes. There is bleakness in the plot, the imagery, the scenery a [...] Read more »

Due to Criminal Negligence Posters wanted

Unfortunatley due the demanding nature of my New Job, house move and young family (I know real life) I haved really let this site slip over the last few months and as the new series approaches I think it is a shame that the site is neglected at this time. Therefor I would like to [...] Read more »

Oops Did we offend Mark Addy?

OK I was very suprised to a large spike of traffic today from www.ew.com, I was suprised anyone from such a large site had even heard of us let alone linked to us, bu there it was 300 visitors yesterday from www.EW.com. I was more suprised whenI found the link and I felt we had [...] Read more »

Where is the Game of Thrones Buzz coming from?

The current buzz about the forthcoming(we hope) HBO game of thrones drama seems to be coming from some unlikely places. I have already commented on the numbers of users who are coming from China but I am almost as amazed at the number of different countries this site has seen visitors from. This site has [...] Read more »

A Big Job for Big Man?

Of all the parts in game of Thrones I think the role of Tyrion Lannister is both the most important and the most difficult. The most important  as he is the most popular character, in my opinion the best written character in ‘A Game of Thrones’ and probably the character who I think sets the [...] Read more »

Tyrion Lannister Tops Poll, Robb Stark gets no votes

Results of our First poll which was for a little bit of fun, but also to give me a feel of tastes of Game of Thrones Readers do not surprise me at all with Tyrion Lannister comes in as the fans favourite character, this is no surprise to me. For three reasons one he has [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones – Suspension of Disbelief

For fantasy to really work for an adult audience, one of the things its needs is the suspension of this disbelief. This does not mean that the audience believes what it is seeing is true, but that the audience has been persuaded to stop actively disbelieving it is not true. For me as an adult [...] Read more »

Monty Python, Doune Castle and Winterfell

Our new Winterfell ‘Doune Castle’ has been used a number of times before for film work. The most notable is the 1975 filing of Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail, which used the Doune Castle for the vast majority of its castle scenes. In fact only other Castles were used in the filming of [...] Read more »