S02 E02 – The Night Lands Ratings

Theon & Balon Greyjoy

Last nights airing of The Night Lands on Sky Atlantic attracted 407,000 viewers which is lower than the 522,000 viewers it managed last week, although this could be accounted for by the monumental blunder committed by HBO Go in Holland & Poland when they accidentally made The Night Lands available for around two whole hours [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones Renewed for Third Season


If you are not aware already the news is now official. As we all expected given the runaway success and critical acclaim surround the early season 2 episodes, HBO have officially announced that they will be bankrolling a third season of game of thrones – which will most likely tell the story of the first [...] Read more »

UK show date announced for season 2

OK guys maybe old news to some but its what a lot of people come here to find out still, when is Season 2 is going to air in the UK? Sky have said We’re more than a little excited to announce that the ten-episode second season of Game of Thrones will return to Sky [...] Read more »

Will Game of Thrones save Sky’s Blushes?

Game of Thrones UK premier of 1.07 million viewers gives sky atlantic its first real success after 2 months. Though a lot has been made of HBO’s healthy viewing figures for Game of Thrones in the states, being a UK based fan site, we are much more interested in how the show has perfomed in [...] Read more »

HBO Confirms Game of Thrones 2nd Series

Good news but not a great surprise, HBO have confirmed they have already commissioned a 2nd series of Game of Thrones. We were not too nervous about the series pilot getting picked up we were even less nervous about the 2nd series. The Most detailed comments from HBO can be found in this entertainment week [...] Read more »

Episode Titles for the First Series

The full list of all the Episode titles for the first series Episode 1 – Winter is Coming Episode 2 – The Kingsroad Episode 3 – Lord Snow Episode 4 – Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things Episode 5 – The Wolf and the Lion Episode 6 – A Golden Crown Episode 7 – You Win [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones to be shown on the 18th of April on Sky Atlantic

At last a  respected source gives us a respectable date. The gaurdian has confiirmed that game of thrones will be first shown  in the UK on the 18th of April one day after the US airings. Sky Atlantic will begin broadcasting Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama based on George RR Martin’s novels, on 18 [...] Read more »

Margaret John – ‘Old Nan’ – Passes On

We had sad news today that Margaret John who played Old Nan in the forcoming series, died in hospital yesterday aged 84. Though we havent seen her in the show,profiled her, or talked about her or her role in show yet, we would like to honor her and her memory. She was a prolific and [...] Read more »

Game of Throne’s Changes its Tune

Ok as far is concerned Maureen Ryan came upwithn this gem today, which has to be a bad piece of news,a s the composer for the score has changed, no details have emerged whetehr this sia chnage of composer or a complete chnage of score? But to loose you composer 10 weeks before air date [...] Read more »