Episode Titles for the First Series

The full list of all the Episode titles for the first series Episode 1 – Winter is Coming Episode 2 – The Kingsroad Episode 3 – Lord Snow Episode 4 – Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things Episode 5 – The Wolf and the Lion Episode 6 – A Golden Crown Episode 7 – You Win [...] Read more »

Due to Criminal Negligence Posters wanted

Unfortunatley due the demanding nature of my New Job, house move and young family (I know real life) I haved really let this site slip over the last few months and as the new series approaches I think it is a shame that the site is neglected at this time. Therefor I would like to [...] Read more »

Oops Did we offend Mark Addy?

OK I was very suprised to a large spike of traffic today from www.ew.com, I was suprised anyone from such a large site had even heard of us let alone linked to us, bu there it was 300 visitors yesterday from www.EW.com. I was more suprised whenI found the link and I felt we had [...] Read more »

Lack of posts

Sorry about the lack of posting of late, a few reasons; 1. It is a lull period in the production cycle much mores peculation than news 2. I’ve just started a new job and things are busy. 3. My little ones juts turned 3 months and my eldest is 3 years. 4. We have just [...] Read more »

Tolkien is a surprise poll winner for favoured author!

Upon the conclusion of other favoured author pole, I was very surprised to find that fans of George RR Martins none conciliatory fiction actually voted for good old Conciliatory JRR Tolkien by a country mile 45% as there next most favoured author. I was expecting another of the darker modern authors such as Joe Abercrombie [...] Read more »

Just how big is ‘Game of Thrones’ in China

This is just a short post to ask what we know about how is Big ASOIAF is in China?, the stats for this site has juts gone Balastic with Chinese visitors, visiting from two sites cndkc.net and bbs.wbzd.net. Both being Chinese language sites (sorry for the ignorance I can’t tell Cantonese from Mandarin). With English [...] Read more »

Happy Birthday Winter is Coming

I have just got to say a happy first birthday to the Winter is Coming blog, I cant believe a site which is that young has managed to generate and create as much interest as it has. When we receive a link, a tweet or comment for on the blogfrom WIC  our traffic goes through [...] Read more »

Game of Thrones – Latest Filming News & Titbits

As stated in a previous posts filming on the 4th was inside the paint hall, but was not as stated elsewhere and blindly ( copied by me ) the Arrival of the King, but a sparing scene between some of the youngster characters. Reports from extras talk about great costuming and excellent qualityin production values, [...] Read more »

Sean Bean going shopping is not news

Unlike some other news outlets have done recentley’ Sean Bean  buys shirt from clothes shop’ is not going to count as news here and were not going to report on it, we will aim to give you updates on ongoing  news, views and rubbish opnions on the production of  Game of Thrones, but man buys [...] Read more »