Cersei Lannister Character Portrait

HBO have recentley released a numbner of character potraits including one of Cersei Lannister played by Lena Headey. Commenetary is by Lena Headey By the way the start picture for the video isn’t Lena Headey if you were wondering. Read more »

Emilia Clarke Sex Scenes in Game of Thrones

OK nowhere near as interesting as the title makes out sorry! But Emilia Clarke talks about the Sex Scenes and nudity in Game of Thrones in the very short intreview with MTV. I’d also suggest here we are starting to see some of the star quality in Emilia which makes me think we will see [...] Read more »

Introduction to Westeros Video

A background piece for Game of Thrones, containing already released footage and some interviews with George Martin, Sean Bean and David Weiss. It defintley reminded me of the appendixes of LOTR, if there taking this much trouble with these it looks very good for the show. anyway enjoy   Invitation to Westeros Read more »