Charles Dance Confirmed as Tywin Lannister

In what struck me as a surprising and left field piece of casting, HBO announced veteran UK actor Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister yesterday.

Charles Dance Cast as Tywin Lannister

Charles Dance Cast as Tywin Lannister

Charles a fan of the books, has been the favourite within the production team for some months now, who approached him as he was filming for Your highness in the paint hall in Belfast

A very experienced Actor with a TV and Film career spanning over 36 years, he was a member of the Royal Shakespeare company for 5 years.  He is most renowned for his British TV work which includes The Jewel in the Crown, The Phantom of the Opera and Bleak house.

I always remember for his softer role in the Jewel in the Nile, but his wiki page starts with the line

Dance typically plays assertive bureaucrats or villains.

Which fits his chosen role and all stills I have seen of him recently show he acting in the harder style required for the role of Tywin Lannister