Game of Thrones – Latest Filming News & Titbits

As stated in a previous posts filming on the 4th was inside the paint hall, but was not as stated elsewhere and blindly ( copied by me ) the Arrival of the King, but a sparing scene between some of the youngster characters.

Reports from extras talk about great costuming and excellent qualityin production values, but they are generally being good and giving very litttle away.

Also the numbers  of extras is interesting with over 100 being needed for thursdays filming. That is a big crowd.

Also coming from both extars reports and CRRMs blog is the fact there is a 2nd castle being used for filming in Ireland as well. Pure speculation from me is that they will be using the two castles to create the look and feel of the larger fictional castle of winterfell, but we will see.

Another peice of gossip to come out of the Dublin meet is that Sean Bean was both difficult and expensive to get into the Pilot, no suprises really as he is one of the bigger names with Hollywood pedeigree in the cast, and this is still currently just a TV pilot.