Game of Thrones S02E01 The North Remembers Look Ahead

Season 2 is due to start on Sky Atlantic tomorrow night everyone (or tonight on HBO if you fortunate enough to be living in the US).

** Warning this article contains some season 1 spoilers, but if you havent watch season 1 why are you looking ahead to season 2? **

At the end of Season 1 King Robert Baratheon is dead, killed by a boar while hunting in the woods. Ned Stark realised the truth of what has happened – King Robert was murdered by virtue of a Lannister squire plying him with too much strong wine before letting the King take on the boar alone. With Robert’s death came the question of succession – for all intents and purposes the natural heir to the throne is Roberts Son, Joffrey – a spiteful, selfish and spoilt boy of 13. Even Robert didn’t want him to be king. On his death bed he charges Ned with his last wishes, committing Ned to the role of protector of the realm until Joffrey is old enough to take his place on the Iron Throne. But Ned knows a truth that even Robert does not. The boy is not his child and has no more right to the Throne than anyone else. Ned makes a grave mistake and elects to send a raven to Robert’s brother Stannis Baratheon, telling him everything and asking him to come back to Kings Landing to take his place on the throne and bring order to the 7 Kingdoms. In the meantime he takes Roberts last wishes to Queen Cersei in an effort to install himself as protector until Stannis arrived.

Things don’t go according to plan. With Ned believing he has the backing of the small council and the city guard Ned produced the letter, complete with King Roberts seal, which proclaims Ned to be protector of the realm. Queen Cersei rejects the letter and in the blink of an eye Ned is branded a traitor and is himself betrayed as the City guard turn on Neds men with impunity. Ned is imprisoned and later executed on the steps of Baelors Sept despite Joffrey’s promises that if he confessed his crimes as traitor then his life would spared and Ned would be banished to serve at the wall.

So with Joffrey on the Throne what will happen next? The seven kingdoms, once united by a Targaryen Dynasty that lasted 3 centuries before Robert’s Rebellion, is split asunder. The new King of the North, Robb Stark, wages war on the Lannisters and on the island of Dragonstone the old King’s Brother, Stannis Baratheon, the one true heir to the Iron Throne plans an assault on Kings Landing, counselled by his priestess Melisandre who brings with her a new god and a new religion. Meanwhile Daenerys takes her dragons and her depleted Khalasar on a march through the red waste in search of water, and shelter.

Can. Not. Wait.