Game Of Thrones S03 E03 – Walk of Punishment

There’s a funeral a Riverrun as Robb Stark bids farewell to his Grandfather. It’s a sombre scene, tinged with an element of comedy as Edmure Tully (Catelyn Stark’s Brother) attempts, unsuccessfully, to light his father’s funeral pyre with a flaming arrow, before his uncle, Bryndon steps in a and completes the job with ease. Edmure is painted as something of a bungling fool here and in the next sequence where he is chastised by Robb and Bryndon for his impetuousness in smoking out Gregor Glegane from the Stone Mill, sending him back to the southlands when Robb has intended to draw him further north in a game of cat and mouse which would ultimately have cost the mountain his life. Edmure had no way of know that however. The two young Lannister hostages he has taken are scant consolation for Robb.

You’re lucky I’m not your king. I wouldn’t let you wave your blunders around like a victory flag. Bryndon Tully

In King’s Landing a game of musical chairs seems to be the order of the day as Tywin calls a meeting of the small council involving Littlefinger, Varys, Maester Pycelle, Cersei and Tyrion. The discussion covers the whereabouts of Tywin’s son Jaime, as well as the prospect of Littlefinger being married off to Robb Stark’s aunt, Lysa Arryn (widow of John Arryn, who was the former Hand of Robert Baratheon, and whose death signified the start of the Game of Throne’s when Robert traveled North to requisition Ned Stark as his new Hand). Tyrion unexpectedly is named Master of Coin to succeed Littlefinger when he leaves Kings Landing to begin his courtship of Lysa Arryn.

Jaime Lannister and Brienne have been taken prisoner by the Mountain’s men and are being taken back to Harrenhal. A surprising bond has started to form between these two, as Jaime recognises her nobility. He expresses concern for her well being and raises the prospect of their attackers forcing themselves upon her at some stage on their journey.

Arya and Gendry are still ‘guests’ of the brotherhood without banners and with the hound in tow they bid a touching goodbye to their erstwhile companion Hot Pie, who elects to stay behind and bake bread for the Innkeeper.

North of the wall Jon Snow and the wildlings stumble across a field of butchered horses. The were expecting to find around 300 dead men as well, but it seems they have become one with the undead creatures that slaughertered them, their corpses adding to the ranks of the white walkers. Spurred on by this Mance instructs his Wildling Lieutenant, Tormund, to head to the wall. He is to take Jon and 20 men with him and see if they can climb over it. Mance will martial the forces on this side of the wall.

When it time I’m going to light the biggest fire the North has ever seen. Mance Rayder

Lord Commander Mormont and the remaining member of the Black watch return to Craster’s keep. An uneasy peace exists between them and Craster reluctantly lets them inside where he feeds them thin broth and fails to hide his disdain for his guests. Somewhere one of Craster’s daughters is giving birth.

“Tell her she can bite down on a rag or she can bite down on my fist” – Craster

Samwell goes outside to find her and sees the girl, Gilly, give birth to a baby boy. That’s bad news because Craster sacrifices the boys to the white walkers.

Theon meanwhile is still tied up in a dungeon when someone comes to rescue him. The boy frees him from his bonds and put him on a horse with instruction to ride east where he will find his sister. His freedom is almost short-lived however and he is very quickly hunted down by a group of men on horseback. Theon is taken down and is about to be taken where the sun don’t shine when he is rescued by the boy who released him in the first place.

In Dragonstone, Melisandre is leaving Stannis behind. But only briefly. She has a plan, but as she ready’s her rowing boat to leave she talks cryptically to Stannis about his fires burning low.

Daenerys takes the eponymous Walk of Punishment. A path in Astapor where slaves are strung up on crucifix’s so serve as a reminder to others not to step out of line. Dany is horrified by the brutality of it and attempts to offer water to one of the stricken slaves. He is too weak to take it and Ser Barristan urges her to leave this place, but Ser Jorah insists she can only find her army here. Like angels on her shoulders Jorah and Barristan present argument and counter argument, but in the end Daenerys resolves to stay and returns to the slave trader with an offer to but all of his Unsullied army of slaves. The trader demands to know how she will pay for all of his Slaves. She offers him one of her Dragons in return for 8000 slaves and the translator who has been diplomatically translating the slave trader’s derogatory comments.

“All men must die, but we are not men – Daenerys Stormborn

Littlefinger hands the keys to the warchest over to Tyrion as he readys himself for his trip to Eerie. He is based in a brothel and while there Tyrion takes the opportunity to offer Pod his thanks for saving his life on the battle field, paying for three whores for the the boy. Later when studying the ledgers he realises just how much debt the city is in. Littlefinger it seems was not quite the magician he is portrayed to be. The crown owns millions to Casterly Rock and the Iron Bank of Braavos, and it cannot afford the repayments.

As Jaime and Brienne’s captors make camp it appears that Jaime’s words were very prophetic. Brienne it taken into the woods to be raped and killed. Jaime manages to convince them to stop by promising that her father is wealthy man and would pay them well for her safe return. He continues to charm them and manages to get himself freed from his chains and is offered food. But just as it appears as though his silver tongue has talked him out of a tricky situation the table turns. Jaime is pinned to a table and Vargo hoat cuts his sword-hand off at the wrist.

“You’re nothing without your daddy, but your daddy ain’t here. Never forget that. This should help you remember – Vargo Hoat