Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen


Harry Llyod in Robin Hood

Harry comes to the show on the back of the great success of appearing in the first two series of  the BBC show Robin Hood in the role of Will Scarlet. However he has great pedigree of being involved in some really good projects before that point.

He will be taking the role of  Viserys Targaryen, which I think he both suited for and waisted on. Suited for as he can portray a man you just wish to hate very well, waisted because I believe he could of fulfilled more central roles to the storyline.


Harry Llyod in Goodbye Mr Chips

His two pieces of work which have really caught my eye is firstly his involvement in the wonderful ‘Goodbye Mr Chips‘ a British TV film which I cannot say to many good things about, its definitely not at the HBO end of things, its a film about England between the wars, about decency, about fair play about so many things which are sadly lacking in our world today. In this project he plays the role of Young Rivers, I would advise anyone who has never seen this to go out of your way to watch it and prepare to be both charmed and touched. ( Buy from Amazon UK
- Buy from Amazon US).


Harry Llyod in Dr. Who

His other work that caught my eye was his role in one of thew best ever Dr Who Stories in the two episodes ‘Human Nature’ and ‘family of blood’ in Dr Who Series 3 (Buy from Amazon UKBuy from Amazon US), in which is plays the roles of  Jeremy Baines and Son-of-Mine.  Again it is the quality of the total piece of work that stands out and not per say the particular performance, but you tend to find good actors are attracted to great pieces of work. A note is that he did impress Russel T Davies the director to the extent that his name was mooted in replacing David Tennant in the role of Dr Who, which eventually went to Matt Smith.

These two parts bring high praise from me indeed, I haven’t bothered with Robin Hood so can’t comment there, but he got his break in David Copperfield and has done the usual round of UK TV acting with occasional parts in the Bill, Holby city and  number of other ongoing  TV dramas.


Harry Llyod in the DR Who episode Family of Blood

On a personal note he is the great-great-great-grandson of Author Charles Dickens, has been educated at both Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. So you could say he is a posh kid. A great choice for Viserys Targaryen, but maybe a little waisted in the role.