HBO Confirms Game of Thrones 2nd Series

Good news but not a great surprise, HBO have confirmed they have already commissioned a 2nd series of Game of Thrones.

We were not too nervous about the series pilot getting picked up we were even less nervous about the 2nd series.

The Most detailed comments from HBO can be found in this entertainment week interview with HBO presidents Richard Plepler and Michael Lombard.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What made you decide to renew Thrones?

Lombardo: It’s a great show that only gets better with every episode and ends where you’re left wanting more. On a creative level, it was screaming for another season. We had absolutely expectation that this would be a slow build. It’s challenging for people who’ve decided it’s not a genre for them. The word of mouth has been great and we don’t even have OnDemand numbers yet. We thought it was a great starting place.
Plepler: It’s a quintessential HBO show — it has a passionate connection with a big part of our audience. Whether the final number is 7 or 8 million viewers it doesn’t take anything away from the addictive quality of the show for a large chunk of our audience.

How many episodes is the second season?
Lombardo: It’s such a challenging show to produce. They don’t have a writing staff — its just the two of them (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss). The idea is to do 10 of them again, and that’s what they want to do, to maintain the quality of their work.

When will season two premiere?
Lombardo: We don’t want people to wait more than a year. This is a production challenge. You have to start every season anew [with new locations].
Plepler: Same time, next year.

When will production start?
Lombardo: The producers are scouting locations for second season now. That’s all to be discussed.

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