HBO recast Jennifer Ehle in Game of Thrones

Michelle Fairley- Catelyn Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones

Michelle Fairley to Replace Jennifer Ehle

The role of Catelyn Stark has been recast in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Well know and popular actress Jennifer Ehle has been replaced by Michelle Fairley inthe role for reasons as yet undisclosed by HBO.

Rumours generally suggest it was for reasons not related to the acting performance, but either prior commitments or a change in direction in the role. I am more confident it is the first. As I wrote in the cast Bio’s I was not convinced by the casting of Jennifer but was keen to be proved wrong. It now looks like we will never get to know.

A full Bio will come later, but Michelle Fairley is an established TV and stage actor in the UK, who will have probably her two most prominent film roles coming up as she appears in the final two Harry Potter films. One would think a lead role in the Game of Thrones is a big step up for her.

We have had strong hints that Tazmin Merchant may also we recast for the role of Danny. More information when we get it