Just how big is ‘Game of Thrones’ in China

This is just a short post to ask what we know about how is Big ASOIAF is in China?, the stats for this site has juts gone Balastic with Chinese visitors, visiting from two sites cndkc.net and bbs.wbzd.net. Both being Chinese language sites (sorry for the ignorance I can’t tell Cantonese from Mandarin).

With English speaking Chinese interest drowning out both US and UK traffic, ( 40% of Todays traffic comes from China. ) I have to wonder how big is ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ and George RR Martins work in China?

Is the Chinese interest in the books?  Lena Headey, Sean Bean or something else?

If any of our Chinese guests would like to make a comment and shine some light on these questions, it would make my day.