Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

Lena Headey (her real name) is a British born actress who comes to the Game of Thrones on the back of successes with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Buy from Amazon US | Buy From Amazon UK ) and as Queen Drogo in 300 (Buy From Amazon US | Buy from Amazon UK ). She has been cast a the Queen we love to hate Queen Cersei  of House Lannister.

Other of the  more notable roles she has taken have been in the Brothers Grimm, Possession, and The remains of the Day.

She was born in Bemuda in on October 3, 1973, her father, a Yorkshire police cadet, had been posted there shortly before she was born. She was remained in Bemuda living on the ocean, until she was 5. When Back in England, she was brought up in Huddersfield Yorkshire, before moving south to London in her late teens.

Lean Headey had not received any formal training at drama school before she became an actress., Headey’s performance in a one-off show at the age of 17  was noticed by a casting agent, who took a photo and asked her to audition. Eventually, Headey was cast in Waterland (1992), which became her big-screen debut.


Lena Headey

She spent much of the early 90’s in TV work in the UK before involvement in Other major productions she has been involved in as an actress are Jungle book, The Cave, Imagine Me & You, Possession, the Red Baron, and a small role that got large billing the remake of St Trinian’s amongst many others.

She honed her natural acting talent while filming and also took archery classes and horse training. She also took boxing classes in clubs in south London, where a former boxer had been teaching her to spar. She has used these skills in her portrayal of many Amazonian  and all action characters in her film career, but has also played some more sedate roles in her career.

In addition to her acting profession, Lena Headey has continued taking boxing lessons. She is a vegetarian, and also still enjoys yoga, which she began whilst working in India. She has never spent any considerable time in her birthplace in Bermuda, and shares the majority her time between her homes in London, England, and Los Angeles, California favouring Los Angeles since her marriage to Peter Paul in 2007.


Lean headey

Previous Film Work


Vivaldi                                               Norina
The Brøken                                       Gina McVey

The Red Baron                                  Käte
The Sarah Connor Chronicles           Sarah Connor
300                                                    Queen Gorgo


Ultra                                                  Penny/Ultra
The Contractor Inspector                  Annette Ballard

Imagine Me & You                           Luce
The Cave                                           Kathryn
The Brothers Grimm                         Angelika

The Long Firm                                  Ruby Ryder

No Verbal Response                         Dr. Megan Pillay
The Actors                                        Dolores

Ripley’s Game                                   Sarah Trevanny
Possession                                         Blanche Glover
The Gathering Storm                        Ava Wigram

The Parole                                         Officer Emma
Anazapta                                           Matilda
Round About Five                            Girlfriend

Aberdeen                                           Kairo ‘Kaisa’ Heller
Gossip                                               Cathy Jones
Ropewalk                                          Allison

Onegin                                              Olga Larina

The Man with Rain in His Shoes      Sylvia Weld
Merlin                                               Queen Guinevere


Mrs. Dalloway                                  Young Sally
Face                                                      Connie
The Hunger                                       Steph Reynolds