Margaret John – ‘Old Nan’ – Passes On

We had sad news today that Margaret John who played Old Nan in the forcoming series, died in hospital yesterday aged 84. Though we havent seen her in the show,profiled her, or talked about her or her role in show yet, we would like to honor her and her memory.

She was a prolific and well love acteress, who had already appeared in many shows including Gavin and Stancey, Doctors, Skins, Casaulty and High Hopes in recent years. Actually looking at her IMDB profile the list is prolilic and contains many of the shows I loved and grew up with including Dr. Who and Blakes Seven.

The intrenet is full of better artciles and great quotes her about her today, but from us a toast a prayer and the wish that you are in safe hands tonight. All the best Margaret.