Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon


Mark Addy in a Knights Tale

Mark Addy is an actor I really like and much admire, but probably not my first choice for the role of Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones, in my minds eye he is has just played to many nice guys to be convincing in the role.

Mark’s roles that stand out in my mind are his roles in the Brilliant Full Monty and A Knights tale, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly, and the vision of him depressed sat in a shed eating a mars bar, depressed , wrapped in cellophane to loose weight still tickles me 12 years later.

However Robert is not a nice guy, he is affable, likeable, a fool maybe, maybe even a sad clown, but he also the man who stole a throne by force of arms, a warrior and a conqueror. I am not saying Mark could not pull that off, but it is not a role I have seen in him before. Robert is still a dangerous man.

However time will tell and I am keen to see if Mark can stretch his acting talents and keep and edge of danger about Robert.


Mark Addy

Mark was born in 1964 in York England, he was schooled in York and attended RADA graduating in 1984.

His first break in acting came in the late 80’s with a minor role in the weird and wonderful Very Peculiar practice on British TV and he spent the rest of the 80’s and much of the 90’s performing in British Tv shows including Heartbeat, Band of Gold, Married with Children (one episode), Bruised Fruit, Peak Practice, The Thin Blue Line and Sunnyside Farm.

His big break came playing the role of Dave supporting Robert Carlisle in the excellent Fully Monty (Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon UK ), his was an excellent performance in an excellent film which I would advise anyone to see.

He performed in a number of other films before his next great role which was as the squire Roland supporting Heath Ledger in the wonderful A Knights Tale (Buy from Amazon US | Buy from Amazon UK ).

He has kept busy in the last few years with numerous film roles and a long had a stint in the American series Still standing which to my knowledge has not shown in the UK.

Even though I admire Marks work greatly and think he is a great actor, I just can’t see him as the man to play Robert Baratheon, he is just too nice, affable and likeable a guy.

However im looking forward to be proved wrong.


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