S02 E01 The North Remembers Ratings

Jaime Lannister Imprisoned at RiverrunThe North Remembers managed to pull in an average of 522,000 viewers on Sky Atlantic last night – peaking at 622,000. For such a niche channel these are good numbers, but I can’t help but think that its shame this fantastic programme is not more easily accessible. Compared to last season’s premiere however the figure is notably down on the season one premiere which garnered a very healty 743,000 last year. However I think its fair to say that many of those initial viewers were put off by the shows slow pace, and sadly for them they switched of before things really got going. By the end of season 1 it was pulling in around 600,000 viewers. I’m sure those numbers will increase as the season progresses and the episode will be screened again on wednesday and sunday to hook in anyone who may have missed the monday night showing.

In America the episode managed a total 3.9 million on its initial showing, rising to 6.3 million over the course of three showings on sunday night