Sky Atlantic Cast Interview Special

Are you excited? Season Two is just around the corner, airing on Monday Night on Sky Atlantic. Frustrating if you dont have Sky, since Sky Atlantic HD is available exclusively to Sky Customers. You cant get it on freeview and you can’t get it on Virgin or BT vision – which undoubtedly means that its army of fans will be resorting to, um, other ways of watching it….

However I digress, its on Sky Atlantic in this country and that is the end of it. Fortunatly Sky Atlantic themselves do take the programme very seriously indeed – in fact some might say that it is their flagship show for 2012, rarely has there been such media interest in a TV Series and Sky are happy to interact with the fans in any way they can, starting with a fantastic mini-site devoted to all things Thrones.

At the moment you can find a brilliant interview with the cast here. Listen to Emilia Clarke, talk about dragons and tell us where she takes her inspiration from to play a character who has been through the mill a little; Alfie Allen talks about the emergence of Theon Greyjoy in season 2; Kit Harrington talks about Jon Snow and his relationship with the cold and his exploits beyond the wall; Michelle Fairley talks Catelyn Stark; the Legendary Charles Dance explains what attracted him to the role of Tywin Lannister; Liam Cunningham, who plays new character Davos Seaworth, extolls the virtues of HBO and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stands up for Jaime Lannister – episode 7 sounds interesting….

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Thronecast Cast Interviews