S02 E02 – The Night Lands Ratings

Theon & Balon Greyjoy

Last nights airing of The Night Lands on Sky Atlantic attracted 407,000 viewers which is lower than the 522,000 viewers it managed last week, although this could be accounted for by the monumental blunder committed by HBO Go in Holland & Poland when they accidentally made The Night Lands available for around two whole hours [...] Read more »

S02 E01 The North Remembers Ratings

Jaime Lannister Imprisoned at Riverrun

The North Remembers managed to pull in an average of 522,000 viewers on Sky Atlantic last night – peaking at 622,000. For such a niche channel these are good numbers, but I can’t help but think that its shame this fantastic programme is not more easily accessible. Compared to last season’s premiere however the figure [...] Read more »