Tolkien is a surprise poll winner for favoured author!

Upon the conclusion of other favoured author pole, I was very surprised to find that fans of George RR Martins none conciliatory fiction actually voted for good old Conciliatory JRR Tolkien by a country mile 45% as there next most favoured author.

I was expecting another of the darker modern authors such as Joe Abercrombie to rank higher.

I am a great Tolkien fan myself and will never stop being in love with Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit even though I don’t really enjoy his other works (Sorry the Silmarillion is pants).  But he is so twee, he is a man of between the wars middle England, and so is the Shire.

I love the tweeness of his works(maybe not the twee singing though), but its stands a stark contrast to the bleakness of George Martins ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series of books, and I am pleasantly surprised to find I am not alone in being willing to embrace both.

Next came Jordan and Pratchet tied (18%), two writers who are popular, but I have never been a great fan of either. I find Pratchet smug (I’m sorry he juts knows he is too clever by half) and Jordan overblown and just a little verbose (I gave up on book 6.).

As stated I was surprised to see Joe Abercrombie down in forth place with 8% of the vote. I writer I have never read but associated with none conciliatory and a good bit darker than George Martin.

Finally I was sad to see a guilty pleasure of mine Raymond Fiest coming in last. I do really like Raymond’s later books, but I will admit he was never genre busting or of a stand out quality.

Anyway the full results can be found below

Apart from George RR Martin who is your favourite fantasy author?

1st JRR Tolkien 45%
2nd Robert Jordan 18%
3rd Terry Pratchet 18%
4th Joe Abercrombie 8%
5th Phillip Pullman 7%
6th Raymond Fiest 4%