Tyrion Lannister Tops Poll, Robb Stark gets no votes

Results of our First poll which was for a little bit of fun, but also to give me a feel of tastes of Game of Thrones Readers do not surprise me at all with

Tyrion Lannister comes in as the fans favourite character, this is no surprise to me. For three reasons one he has been written excellently by George RR Martin , two he is an original character ( I am still not sure yet whether he is truly original or a twist on an archetype, but there has not been a Tyrion Lannister before.) and three he is by the far the most contemporary character within the books, i.e. readers identify with him much more than other characters within the books, because he thinks the same way and has the same values as they do.

In 2nd place comes Ayra Stark, this does surprise me, and yet it doesn’t as I wanted to vote for her myself. In the first book she is well written, and again has a contemporary character which speaks of her appeal, but her story arc is short. We see a seeing development and much promise, but no fulfilment. I am really keen to see how Ayra and her story arc grows and develops within the next books.

In 3rd place came John Snow. I feel his Story arc is the best developed within ‘A Game of Thrones’ and is a truly rounded, likeable, hero character. If anyone is the ‘Luke Skywalker’ of ‘A Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is your man.  He was my choice to. I also feel the George managed to convey a character that was close to but having different motivations and ideologies than a contemporary man.

I was very surprised to see Petyr Baelish come in 4th, he was just thrown into the mix as he was written with a certain degree of charm, and I didn’t want a list full of Stark kids. It surprised me to see him pull more votes than Ned stark, which im ignoring and putting down to people voting for what they see in the coming books.

Ned at lower down the list  isn’t really a surprise seeing as he only makes it 2/3 of the way into the first book, people who have read further have a much high chance of identifying with one of the longer surviving characters.  However as stated I was surprised that Petyr beat him for 4th place.

As far as Cersei Lannister getting a vote, whoever you are you are a sick bunny !

Finally Rob Stark at 7th was a surprise, I didn’t except him to compete, but I didn’t expect him to fait quite this bad. He is old fashioned hero someone our parents or grand parents may of voted for, but he is removed from contemporary people and seems duty bound, stuffy and full of himself. However one vote would have been nice.

Anyway enough comment on what was a bit of fun.