What is Dead May Never Die – Look Ahead

By now it is evident that that this second season of Game of Thrones is not following the book, A Clash of Kings, as closely as the first one did (in terms of the sequence of events), so its not so easy to predict what might be coming next as it was with the first season. But from what has happened so far, and from reading the official synopsis for the episode here is what we can look forward (don’t worry I won’t be giving anything away!).

In his role as hand of the King, Tyrion has been learning who he can and cannot trust as he prepares for war against any or all of the massed armies of Robb Stark, Renly Baratheon or Stannis Baratheon, and to that end he attempts to gauge the strength of his alliances with three promises marriage to key figures in Kings Landing. Meanwhile Catelyn travels south to speak to Renly as Envoy of King Robb, seeking to form her own alliance between the two of them. While back in Winterfell Bran is having very strange dreams indeed.

And finally from the epsode title What is Dead may never Die – these are the words of House Greyjoy, so we can expect further plotting from Balon and Theon