Where is the Game of Thrones Buzz coming from?

The current buzz about the forthcoming(we hope) HBO game of thrones drama seems to be coming from some unlikely places. I have already commented on the numbers of users who are coming from China but I am almost as amazed at the number of different countries this site has seen visitors from.

This site has notably been set up as an English language Game of Thrones site, targeted English and US visitors, and has been running for 6 weeks. We have already received 5,000 different visitors from 81 different countries.

This means that the Genuine interest in game of thrones is very widespread. The more exotic locations we have had people visiting from include Libya, Iran, Mongolia, Qatar and Georgia.

Only 28% come from the USA and 15% from the UK. A whopping 11% come from Germany but most of those guys were just looking at pictures of Lena Headey.

China comes in 4th at 6% beating Canada into 5th place with 4%, who would of thought that for an English language site. Looks like there is a ready market for this program in China already.

Spain, Sweden, Italy, Isreal and Australia make up the rest of the top 10 locations with not a great deal to choose between them.

In fact the only places we haven’t received visitors from are West and Central and Southern Africa, Antarctica and central Asia.

Why bother to report on this? Well I know that they are stats from one website, but people have come here for one reason that they are interested in HBO’s Game of Thrones projects or George RR Martins ‘A Song of  Ice and Fire Books’. ( Apart from the Germans that is.)

This means there is a truly worldwide buzz going on about this project. Exciting?  maybe ………

Anyway top 25 countries

Country/Territory Visits Percentage
United States 1275 28.86%
United Kingdom 657 14.87%
Germany 510 11.54%
China 271 6.13%
Canada 192 4.35%
Spain 153 3.46%
Australia 137 3.10%
Sweden 90 2.04%
Italy 84 1.90%
Israel 81 1.83%
Netherlands 79 1.79%
Croatia 75 1.70%
France 74 1.67%
Austria 68 1.54%
Finland 56 1.27%
Poland 56 1.27%
Norway 40 0.91%
(not set) 36 0.81%
Switzerland 32 0.72%
Belgium 29 0.66%
Hungary 24 0.54%
Greece 23 0.52%
Denmark 22 0.50%
Puerto Rico 22 0.50%
Brazil 22 0.50%

Total counties: 81