Oops Did we offend Mark Addy?

OK I was very suprised to a large spike of traffic today from www.ew.com, I was suprised anyone from such a large site had even heard of us let alone linked to us, bu there it was 300 visitors yesterday from www.EW.com.

I was more suprised whenI found the link and I felt we had been accused of slagging Mark Addy Off and suggesting  he would make Robert Baratheon as a clown.  Which was in my opinion  not what I had said at all. You read the earlier post here.

The exact quote was

Mark Addy: ”It’s time-consuming, shooting riding. It’s hard to portray a fearsome warrior who was merciless in his pursuit of power. There was talk like ‘Why are they turning the king into a clown?’ because I’ve been in funny stuff before. But I think once they see it, the fans will love this.”

What suprised me first was we were the supposed source of internet rumours, and then I realsesd it was a quote from Mark and not the EW jouranlist.

In reponse to this I would like to say a few things.

  • First is that I am flattered that Mark has ever read or has been aware of this blogs existence.
  • Second that in my opinion all I said is that I love Marks work , but wondered if he would be able to keep the dangerous and threatening  aspect of Roberts Character, never that his casting was turning the character of Robert into a clown.
  • Thirdly I would never give my opinion that much credence  anyway :) .

Anyway from the pics release it is all looking good.